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    Why Local SEO is Profitable?

    Local SEO helps to get highly targeted local leads.

    Local businesses from doctors to restaurants; cake shops to coffee shops can benefit the most by being featured inside the ‘local pack’; or a ‘3-pack’ that appears below the map in search results with a local intent. The 3-pack is a listing of the 3 most relevant and prominent businesses that google suggests its users for local queries.

    With Google focusing more on providing relevant results based on user Intent, Local results are proven to be extremely profitable. Local Results are proven to have very high conversion rate and helps in increasing trust on your Business.

     92.7% of businesses that use inbound marketing (including local SEO) have increased their lead generation and 42.2% of businesses have increased their lead to scale conversion rate with inbound marketing. 

    Best Local SEO Services for Google My Business
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    Benefits of Local SEO Services

    1. High Conversion Rate

    According to a report, 72% of people who conduct a local search will visit a store within 5 miles. Around 66% of People are likely to purchase a product from the business if they have a local store available on Google.

    2. Brand Building

    Having your Business show up above your competitors provides your Brand name an edge over others. About 78% of People searching for a Business go with the first Business which comes in Local Map pack.

    3. Low Cost

    Promoting a Brand via Advertisements and Banners locally can prove to be very expensive and has less ROI. Local SEO helps you show you Business to your target audience and reduce your Marketing cost.

    4. Benefit of your Customers

    Make your customers’ experience memorable by making your Business listing easy and convenient. Don’t make them look any harder for your business information.

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    We at Ozias, are a highly experienced and dedicated Google My Business SEO Company in India that is well versed with the insights of a successful SEO projects.

    With almost a decade of consistent results, we’ve precisely deciphered what Google prefers. Our proven SEO strategies for local Business have survived through the biggest algorithm updates whilst delivering groundbreaking results to our clients for their target keywords.

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    Local SEO for Small Business

    Local SEO for Small Businesses

    Local SEO is now more Important than ever

    Did you know that 46% of Google searches now are intended to find a local solution to their queries? This fairly translates to an abundant availability of potential customers looking exactly for what you may be selling or providing (as a service) within close vicinity. All that needs to be done is optimising your business to be shown up over your competitors whenever local customers search for products or services you offer.

    Search engines can guess the intent of web users from their queries and show results that are best-suited for that user.

    High Conversion & Calls.

    Higher Rankings means more targeted Leads.

    For instance, a query like “how to fix knee pain” will return with blogs and websites that have written about fixing knee pain.

    On the other hand, queries like “orthopaedic physicians near me” or “best rheumatologist in [location]” will return a highly specific array of clinics listed in the Maps pack that specialise in joint pain treatment.

    Getting your business featured in the Google maps pack for relevant queries can further drive highly targeted localised customers to your business increasing your overall profits.

    As per different reports, 88% of People who search for local businesses on their mobile phone either call or visit the business within a day. So, Local SEO would help you bring massive calls from customers.


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