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    Why SEO over Ads?

    Why Choose SEO when Google Ads are so cheaper?

    PPC may prove beneficial in driving targeted traffic to your business; but only as long as you keep your marketing spends up. You’ll be paying for each click on your ad while it stays up and once you stop, you run out of website traffic! If you completely rely on Ad campaigns for customer acquisition, your brand loses visibility overnight once you stop those ads. Alternatively, if you invest time and resources in to ranking better on Google organically, you ensure a sustainable approach to improve the online visibility of your business.

    Below are some proven benefits as to why you must focus on SEO alongside your Ad campaigns.

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    Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    1. Organic Traffic Rules

    Statistics from SERPS behaviour suggests that 67% of web users with a buying intent choose organic results over paid listings

    2. Unlimited Leads

    You enjoy a sustained inflow of customers once your web page ranks as opposed to a constant investment in Paid Ads.

    3. Brand Authority

    Ranking high in organic search results for relevant keywords translates to better branding of your business.

    Cost Effective in Long Run

    If properly done, SEO is very cost effective and hence can significantly improve your marketing ROI.

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    Why Choose Ozias?

    We’re the Best SEO Company!

    While self-proclaimed Best  SEO companies in India claim to improve your organic rankings, they barely follow strategies that are associated with longevity in their results. One major google update, and all your Internet marketing campaigns shatter to ground zero.

    While we at Ozias, are a highly experienced and dedicated SEO company in India that is well versed with the insights of a successful SEO project. With almost a decade of consistent results, we’ve precisely deciphered what google prefers. Our proven SEO strategies have survived through the biggest algorithm updates whilst delivering groundbreaking results to our clients for their target keywords.

    Why Choose Ozias Media as the Best Digital Marketing SEO Service Company

    We Help You Dominate!

    Page 1 Rankings are too mainstream, we strive to help you dominate your niche.

    While most search engine optimization services aim for page 1 rankings, we keep our efforts high until you’ve secured the featured snippet for your target keyword.

    Not denying the work it requires to get a business to the first page of organic SERP results, all your hard work will be overshadowed if your competitors rank for the same keyword in the featured snippet.

    Our team at Ozias is well-versed with the strategic manoeuvres required to identify and acquire a spot in Google’s very own answer box for highly competitive keywords. Also generally referred as ‘position 0’, Google’s featured snippets steal a significant number of clicks from the top organic search results. Almost covering the entire display of a typical mobile screen, you amongst other top organic results will enjoy better click through rates.

    Different way for every Business.

    We deliver solutions customised for your business.

    We completely understand that each business differs from the other in several aspects and what worked for one might not for the other. We listen to your personalised requirements and frame our set of actions accordingly. Our SEO service includes a comprehensive study of your previous marketing campaigns before formulation our own in order to correct the lagging areas while introducing our own tactics to give you the most optimal results.

    With monthly and quarterly detailed reports of the status of your SEO campaigns, you stay assured that you are seeing consistent growth for your specified keywords. Also, you may suggest change of plans as and when you start seeing desired results. 

    Different SEO For every Small Business
    OnPage off Page SEO

    OnPage + OffPage SEO

    We focus on factors where you can’t get away with mistakes

    While search engine optimization services all across the globe have glorified Off-page SEO campaigns, we realize that it’s only worth the efforts if the basics are in place. The key to a successful SEO project lies in the intellectual use of keywords. Only if you’re targeting the right keywords with appropriate search volumes that go well with the overall layout of your content, your On-page becomes well-organised.

    We analyse a variety of related keywords with their long-tail counterparts to find the best set for your business or franchise. We further sort the monthly search volumes and relevance of those keywords in accordance to the core interests of your customers to help your brand build an infallible reputation.

    Hire the Best SEO Company your Business Deserves!