Shamrock Concrete had reached us to get better traffic on their website with the help of SEO and also, they wanted to redesign their old website.

With the help of our website designers, we created an engaging website for them and also increased the site traffic by 348% in a span of 1 year.


Shamrock Concrete is a family-owned business in architectural concrete products. It has provided service and quality to their customers for 20 years.

They provide concrete services for Patios, Driveways, Fire Pits & Fireplaces and even provide Quality concrete Walkways & Sidewalk Installation.


  • Redesigning the website with SEO forefront.
  • Rearranging & formatting the site structure.
  • Targeting more cities to support substantial business growth.
  • Driving focused traffic from wider targeted areas.
  • Building a loyal base of customers.


With the help of our website designers, we redesigned the website keeping SEO at the forefront. A team of SEO Analyst was assigned for in-depth competitor analysis. Based on the analysis, we targeted specific long tail keywords and made a strategy to target high volume keywords.

For the growth in business, we identified the list of cities for better ranking and built dedicated pages for each city with location specific keywords.


Traffic GROWTH:

Organic traffic growth of 348%, from Nov ’20 to Nov ’21.

Keyword GROWTH:

Organic keywords growth:

NOV ’20NOV ’21
Keywords in Top 391137
Keywords in Top 10 173491
Keywords in Top 10017832969

Revenue GROWTH:

Before associating with Ozias, the client was not able to convert the incoming traffic into sales. After we started working on the website, the client was easily getting 7-15 inquiries on daily basis.

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