Ozias Media is the official advertising partner for Mangallam.in. Within one year of onboarding, we have increased the sales of Mangallam by 6.8x and also leveraged the companies name in the gifting industry.



Impressions in Social Media Marketing tells you how many times your content/Ad was displayed on a particular device by the user.



Clicks are the number of times user clicks on the links within the ad that directed them to a particular page or location.



Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) measures the revenue generated as compared to the money spent on an advertising campaign.


Mangallam.in is India’s fastest growing manufacturer of handicraft products. Their catalogue is filled with various types of Idols crafted in wood, brass, polyresin, copper, gold plating etc.

The company’s moto is to prove that religion can help people in need. They also donate 10% of their annual revenue in charities.


Mangallam.in was getting a 1.85x RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) before hiring us. They knew it wasn’t sustainable and needed a foolproof strategy to get better results.

Within, the first month, we improved the return on Ad spend from 1.85x to 4.8x. With our expertise in Facebook Ads we redesigned the Facebook Ads funnel structure and made the targeting strategy more precise.

Further, we made video ads for Mangallam and got 75% video views on the campaign which improved the overall impressions and the RoAS. More the VV (Video Views), better is the targeting & Results. Retargeting was also performed for the ATC (Add to Carts) users.


Mangallam has been getting good number of reach & impressions on regular Ad spends. The average monthly impressions on Ads is 3,22,541+ with 15,481+ clicks. We sustainably achieved CTR of 4.79% and 8.9x RoAS (Return on Ads Spend).

The company specializes in gifting items so festivals are the best time for Ads targeting. Recent Facebook ads campaign for Diwali 2021 resulted in 14.41x RoAS.

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