This law firm from Mumbai, India came to us as their site traffic was negatively affected after a recent Google Update. The Client was earlier associated with an SEO Agency that incorporated short term SEO strategies; which in-turn negatively affected the site growth.

But, with the help of our proven SEO strategies, we were not only able to stabilize their falling traffic but also improved their traffic by 7000x.


It’s a leading criminal law firm in Mumbai, India with 10+ professional lawyers. All the attorneys, have specialized knowledge of both the legal framework and the specific business requirements of various industry sectors.

The areas of specialty include – Real estate, Corporate Commercial, Banking and Finance, Intellectual Property Rights in India, HR, Employment and more.


  • Change & Improve website structure.
  • Gain keywords as the client had negatively affected by a Google Update and lost major ranking keywords.
  • Getting rid of poor link building done by the previous agency.
  • Leverage organic searches to target a wider audience base.


As a responsible SEO Agency we first analyzed the website and checked for any previous penalties. We observed over optimization of some keywords. Our team of SEO Analysts did a deep research and re-optimized site keywords. A dedicated team was involved in optimizing overall site structure as per Google guidelines.

To achieve better ranking, we started publishing news articles regularly. For some keywords we initiated our link building strategies and monitored every growth.


Traffic GROWTH:

Organic traffic growth of 7000x + in 4 years

Keyword GROWTH:

Organic keywords growth:

JUL ’17OCT ’21
Keywords in Top 3175
Keywords in Top 10 1264
Keywords in Top 100275602

Revenue GROWTH:

Before associating with Ozias, the client was not getting any revenue through their websites. After we started working on the website, the client was getting 10-12 inquiries per day in the first year and with our constant efforts, today there are 50-55 inquiries per day through the website.

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