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    With over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to get results. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. In fact, we pride ourselves on rolling up our sleeves, digging through the data, and then enjoying the fruits from a flourishing garden, aka, your company ranking on page one of the search engines for your desired keywords.

    What happens when you combine winning strategies with proven tactics? You get results.The key to success on the Internet is to outrank your competition. After all, there is only one top spot on Google, and it’s worth its weight in gold.

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    According to recent statistics, up to 92% of the clicks come from the first page of the search results. And within that subset, about 33% of the clicks go to the first organic search result. Imagine getting a full one-third of the traffic for a search term, and you can see why it makes sense to work with an SEO optimisation company with proven results.

    Website SEO is more than just plugging in keywords to your content and getting backlinks. It’s a comprehensive strategy that continues to change and evolve. Google’s algorithm updates, advances in hardware and software technology, and the evolution of user behaviour require SEO strategies that are smart and forward-thinking.

    Expensive SEO and marketing companies could spell disaster for your business. You could pump thousands of dollars into UK SEO services, and have nothing to show for it. At Ozias, we are affordable because we know what we’re doing. We have proven systems and processes that work. With more than a decade of experience, we can get results quickly and continue to improve your rankings and conversions over time.

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    We Build a Foundation of Authority.

    Technical SEO Strategies
    We focus on website's Sitemaps, Navigation, Speed and Usability.
    On-Page SEO Techniques
    We optimize your page elements like Content, Page elements, Internal linking and perform keyword analysis.
    On-Page SEO
    We help create your business into authority on Google through outreach, Guest blogging and creating Powerful links.

    We Open the Kimono

    As a top-ranked SEO Consultancy in the UK, we are fully transparent. We keep you in the loop about what’s working, and what we are doing to move you higher in the search engines. We are always accessible for a chat, and we’ll provide you with monthly reports where you’ll have a full picture of your SEO project and status.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I hire an SEO consultant in the UK or do it myself?
    There is a vast amount of knowledge and experience that separates a professional SEO agency from an individual who is just starting their digital marketing studies. As one of the top 10 SEO companies in the UK, we have ten years of experience and successful projects under our belt. We have a systematised process that yields known results. It all comes down to who you trust with how and where your business appears online. If the situation were reversed, we would always go with an experienced SEO provider with a portfolio of successful projects.
    What are Local SEO Services?
    Have you ever searched for “best restaurant near me” or “café in {location}”? If you’re a local business and you want to show up when someone in your neighbourhood is looking for the type of product or service you provide, then having a page that’s optimised for local searches is essential. Local SEO services also include directory listings, social media, review sites, and more.
    Do online reviews affect SEO?
    Yes! Not only does having a lot of online reviews encourage people to do business with you, but it can also help you rank higher in the search engines. Your online reputation can spell the difference between a telephone that rings off the hook and a telephone that collects cobwebs. We offer online reputation management as part of our strategy to help you rank. Having authentic, high-quality reviews are becoming an increasingly important part of any business, and especially for SEO.
    What tasks do link building services in the UK perform?
    Link building is a complex strategy that needs to be done by a trusted and competent individual or firm. There are black hat link building companies that might buy links or engage in other tactics that harm, rather than help, your website. At Ozias, our link building strategy complements our SEO. We have a team of specialists that first focuses on content that is worthy of being linked to. We also engage in outreach to related sites, forums, and blogs, building relationships that help make the process of asking for a link successful.

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