Started in 2009, Quora has been gaining a lot of popularity as one of the best question and answer sites. This website is currently one among the top 100 most visited websites. Quora has an edge over other such websites as its content is highly monitored by not only the moderators but also the active quora community members.

At the first glance, Quora might not seem to be that useful site for businesses. But, as you get to learn in detail about this website, you will get to know how important it is and why you shouldn’t ignore using it for your business.

What is Quora?

What is Quora

Although, this website does not require any introduction, it is a unique social media platform where you can share your views and experiences as well as you can gain experts knowledge about a particular topic easily and for free. Unlike other social media sites, quora has a powerful community, known as Quorans, that has industry leaders for each segment.

Here, you can ask and answer questions voluntarily which is the same for everyone. So, you can ask anything, a professional query, personal query, gaining knowledge query or anything you wish to. Of Course, there are moderators who might scan your query to check if it suits the standards of the website.

Like asking questions, you can also answer the questions in any field that is relevant to you and you know the answer to that query. The answer must be relevant to the question and must look like you are sharing your knowledge and it is helping the person asking the question. The answers are validated by the moderators and the other readers.

What Is Quora Marketing?

Quora marketing is one of the brand building techniques wherein, you establish lasting authority and create engagement with the readers by correctly answering the questions in your niche or your area of expertise. It is always recommended to stick to your single area of expertise, so your readers know that you have specialized knowledge about that particular subject.

When you answer a query, you not only get the attention of millions of quorans but also you can share your content with your website link or your youTube channel link or even your podcast link. By this, you can increase your site views and engagements that turn out to be the leads for your products.

For Example: If you are a lawyer or a barrister, you can answer questions or queries related to your expertise and then mention that to gain more knowledge about the subject one can visit your website or a particular page on your website. This becomes one of the most appealing SEO marketing for lawyers. Same goes for the other professionals and experts.

Why Quora?

This must be a common query that most of us have. Whilst there are so many questions and answers on quora, how can I have a successful SEO strategy in place by using quora? And why is quora such an important part of my business marketing strategy? In the following section, we will give you the reasons why quora is so important when it comes to marketing of your business.

1. Interested Learners

Quora traffic analysis

With more than 70 million unique users every month, which gives you a worldwide exposure to your business, quora ranks on many of its questions keywords. It not only engages the quorans, but also, the people searching for similar queries on search engines. For Example: When I search for ‘Are Dental Implants Safe?’ on Google search, I found quora in the top 10 results. This increases the quora query visits and in turn, the traffic on my dental care website (when my answer is relevant and has a link towards my website), which is a part of marketing strategies for doctors.

Also, you must understand one thing, when a person normally check out forums or other social websites, he might not have a buying intent or content engaging intent, whereas when a person is typing the query on quora, they are interested in knowing more about the content and will definitely click on the link that engages and answers his queries.

2. Helps in Finding Crucial Influencers

Influencer marketing has been a trend since years, where there was word-of-mouth marketing, referral programs and many more. Now, with the increase in digital trends, the influential marketing has taken over the online space too. In quora, there are many contributors who are given the tag of key contributors as they have proven their credibility in that particular aspect. The answers of these key contributors are given importance to by the other quorans for their highly informative posts and answers.

You can get the attention of these readers (the ones who read all the answers by the key contributors), by answering the questions posted by the key contributors or by commenting on their answers. You can also connect directly with the key contributors and ask them if they could promote your business in one of their posts for some fees.

3. Helps in Finding Latest Industry Trends

Whenever there is a new product or service launch, or some new technology trend, or anything new comes around the world, people are likely to have questions about the same. They tend to ask them on a Q&A platform to receive a complete and valid answer to their query.

At this time, they make use of quora and the experts, the industry leaders and the key contributors tend to answer their questions with the best possible answers. With this, you know the new product and its important aspects. For example, there are continuous changes in SEO as Google brings in new updates. There are several questions that users and digital marketers have which are solved by many industry experts on Quora. You can also check this article on things that have changed in SEO for the latest updates.

We know them as industry experts, with their quora bio and their work in the field. This is how every industry queries are solved on this platform and thus it helps us in staying updated with our individual industry trend.

3. Gain Insight about Target Audience

A customer trusts a brand that pays attention to their problems and not just sells out their products. This means, if you are a known brand and there customers who have queries about your products then, you can come forward and solve those problems on quora. This way, you will be able to have a trustful relationship with your customers for a longer term. 

You can also use quora for surveying about your products. When a number of people are asking for a solution for the same problem, then that can be your break-through for developing a solution and getting customers for the same.

5. Network with People

Quora has its effects beyond just being a Q&A website. It helps in building relationships like that of a forum. You can follow all the topics related to your industry and then, whenever there are any conversations in that topic, you can be a part of it and lead the quorans to your website by building relationships with them.

6. Educate People about Company’s Products

Quora is a large build up community where everyone relies on each other for information around the world. When you answer a query with the best possible solution related to your business, then that automatically builds your credibility on the website and among the quorans.

With this credibility, when you propose a product, service or a podcast, they believe in it and so, can become your next lead. Of Course, it goes without saying that you must not continuously try to sell on this platform. Your content must carry some meaning every time you attempt to answer something.

7. Gain SEO Traction

Search Engines like Google search results often have quora queries and their solutions in their snippets. This makes the site more SEO relevant. Whenever you answer a question on this website, insert a certain amount of keywords related to the query and your business. This increases the ranking capacity of the answer on Google. And that quora query might appear on search results.

Out of the visitors opening this query, there must be some who clicks onto your website link and become your next lead. Always insert a thoughtful content which is qualitative and reputable so it comes on Google search results.

These were the major reasons why you must have quora presence. There are some other reasons that also help you with your business when you are active on the Quora community. These reasons include: 

  • All the quorans are required to add their real names and are verified. So, the person disclosing the information can be considered to insert quality content.
  • If your website has a blogs section, then this platform helps you in finding suitable article topics for your next article.
  • You can build thought leadership on this platform. Even if you are not the industry leader, you can demonstrate your extensive knowledge by steering a direct conversation about the products your brand offers.
  • Explaining a concept with an image on quora will get you more click through rate towards your website.

These are the other benefits your business gets when being an active quora member. But, Is Quora reliable in terms of the information it provides?

Why is Quora a Reliable Source

why quora is a reliable source

As discussed earlier, while one creates an account on quora, it asks for you to sign up with Gmail or Facebook accounts and later verify them. Also, the credentials that you insert in the bio are also verified. Later, as you start answering and reading about the products, solutions, techniques, etc, the website positions your answer that way.

This means when a contributor includes in their bio as being an expert in the graphic designing field and answers several questions in the same field and readers likes their content then, that individual’s answers to most of the posts would be in the 1st or 2nd position.

This means as per your credentials, your post is managed by quora. This is the reason why quora is a reliable source of information as only the best information is showcased as the initial answers to the questions.

Power of Quora

most viewed quora writers

Generally, all of us have heard about the power of words, and in this online world, we have always heard of the power of content. A website with the right amount and quality of content gets the best reach on search engines rank. A value-adding content increases the authority of the website over the others that are not. So now, what is the power of quora? Is it related to the content too?

Advidently yes! Your content on quora decides how reliable you are. When an answer is posted by someone, other quorans can upvote, downvote, report, share and even comment on that content. When there are more upvotes, your content gets more reliable and so is your credibility.

With a unique, great and interesting content you can get 1000s of upvotes, shares and you can become quora viral. By this, your post will be sent to lakhs of quorans in the emails as a newsletter and your profile might get a Top Most Viewed Writers award. All these visitors might as well visit your website which will generate leads. Doesn’t that sound great? Of Course it does!

Wrapping Up

Although there are several ways of marketing your business and there are no right and wrongs in marketing, we all have choices as to what all marketing tactics we wish to explore for our business. Marketing online is the new trend which includes organic and inorganic marketing. Inorganic marketing includes all your SEM efforts which does pay you off but less then the organic one which is SEO. And so, SEO is always better than SEM.

When we talk about SEO, Quora becomes important for all kinds of businesses as it has several benefits from brand awareness to brand recognition to brand management along with the traffic it brings into the site. So, level up your brand efforts with quora now!

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